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Otilia Adam


Otilia Adam was born on 9 January 1989 in Bacau, Romania.  At the age of 5, she discovered her talent, the artist draws a group of children playing with a ball, an illustration on the 3rd-grade Romanian language manual.  She studied at the local General School, and in 2004 she decides to enter the art world and gives an admission to "George Apostu" Art High School in Bacau, where she attends the sculpture courses.

In the first year of high school, she participates in the first group exhibition dedicated to "George
Bacovia Day".  In the following year, she made the transfer to the Art School "Aurel Popp" in Satu-Mare where she studied textile arts. During High School, she participates in various group exhibitions and projects with the Special School "Art Therapy”.

In 2009 he started her first year at the University of Art and Design in Cluj-Napoca, studying
textile design for 3 years. In the early years of college, she attends exhibitions and scenography
projects with the National Theater and the Romanian Opera House in Cluj-Napoca. In 2012 she
graduated from the University of Art and Design, where she continues with master studies
In the field of textile arts. In the first year of her masters, she attends a group exhibition at the Art
Museum. In the second year of the first semester, she studied textile arts at Akademia Sztuk
Pieknych in Lodzi Poland, with the Erasmus scholarship.

In 2013 she sets up the Adam's Studio brand, creates handmade accessories and participates in
various local events and national shows, festivals, exhibitions, contests, TV shows, appears in the local press and launches the first collection of handkerchiefs for Artizan, a brand that deals with classic costumes for men, and she creates the accessories.

In 2016 she changed the brand name from Textile Things by Otilia Adam to Adam's Studio, where
she introduced the new products with felt material and hand-embroidered with traditional motifs.
The artist creates bags and accessories from felt, leaving two collections of the brand. In the
autumn of 2016 she creates the first event, where she combines music with workshops.
The artist is currently working on Adam's Studio where she creates accessories and events that
aim to unite the arts and teach artists how to create a successful brand.

In 2016 the artist begins to organize events in order to bring art close to the community. On June 9, 2018, he founded the first Reggae music festival. At this first edition, the artist brings a group of local and national artists. During these years Otilia Adam creates 15 cultural events and collaborates with different artists in another 20 local events. She also participates in art competitions from abroad and creates various collections of accessories for her own brand and for various clothing companies in the city.

At present, the Artist is in Cluj Napoca, where she shows her art through painting, drawing and creates various accessories. And in his free time, he organizes volunteer cultural and artistic events in order to help the artistic community in the city. The last event, which took place on 8-9 June 2019, is called IratioN Fest - Roots park, which took place in the National Ethnographic Park "Romulus Vuia" in Hoia Forest. The event is based on reggae music and culture and is designed to bring art closer to the city community to provide a framework for free creativity.

Otilia Adam currently works for a personal exhibition project and intensively participates in various artistic activities and competitions.


My artistic work represents my life and significant moments. Each work in itself approaches a realistic style with chiaroscuro, it is an expression of the self by transforming it at a psychological level with personal transitions from tense moments to moments full of happiness and an inner balance. My colorful explosive character, but also a line of calm and sensual colors, turn into different characters that shape my life. I use the black background for my works because the black highlights the lively colors, tempering them perfectly in their composition. I love to play with lines that offer volume and outlines in different characters in the details. The abstract gives me the freedom to create compositions that let the viewer wander in the details.

Otilia Adam
Design Textil,


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Saturday, August 24, 2019

(3 - 5 PM)

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