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A Note About Collecting Art

Buy what moves you, what enables you to tune into what the artist is
trying to convey.  Visit museums and galleries and see what type of art
appeals to you.  Ask questions not only about the art but also about
the artist.  When you decide to acquire an art piece, the most important
aspect of buying is quality.  Buy the best that your budget permits.   


– Laurel Duplessis

Building your dream art collection is possible.

You just have to start somewhere. And, the best place for emerging art collectors to start is by developing your tastes, knowledge, and relationships in the art world.

Start with any one of the pieces in our art exhibitions.  Prices run from $200 to $14,000.  You may also employ the financing services of ArtMoney and make 10 monthly payments at 0% interest.  Complete the form below to begin your inquiry.

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