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Art Impact®'s purpose is to Nurture Humanity Through Artists. We do this by developing a stellar population of highly polished artists with great art across the globe.  Artist Development is accomplished by our expansion and increase of quality opportunities for artists to develop, exhibit, and share their creative talents for the betterment of human culture. 



  • Art career, personal and business development, advancement and expansion
    in the form of training that includes workshops, seminars, and webinars.

  • National and International exhibition and artist residency opportunities

  • Invitations to network during art events to expand your list of connections

  • Invitations to attend business development training workshops

  • Backlink to your website

  • Being connected with a fantastic community of artists

  • Non-exclusive artist representation


We are seeking artists who wish to cultivate, expand and grow their art careers for the sake of inspiring humanity.  Join only if you are serious about the benefits of active membership.  

Investment:  Free

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